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Lucky Farms is an experiment in urban sustainability on all levels. On our small house on a small piece of property in the city of Louisville we grow as much of our food as possible, we work here, we collect solar power and rainwater here, and we are constantly trying-out new ways to be more ecologically responsible and more connected to our environment. Right here. Together.


We’re interested in buying locally being mindful of the packaging, warehousing, transportation, fuel, and other resources needed to transport products from far away places. We are strategically located in a place where nearly everything we need is within walking distance. When possible, we like to repurpose and recycle items that are locally made, and biodegradable using them in projects that lend to our sustainability and reduce waste.


Our mission is to embrace practices lending to urban sustainability as an example of how we can all make changes that positively impact the condition of our environment. We document our experiences and share them across social media channels in an effort to encourage others to work with us to make a difference, no matter how small, to the way we care for the Earth. We know that if we can do these projects sharing our successes and failures along the way while we work for change, anyone of any age who sees our videos can do it too.


We’re lucky to be here, lucky you stopped by, and with any luck we can all learn to live differently, better, and more sustainably, together at Lucky Farms.

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