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We're Danny and Sara Galvin. We've been married for over 30 years and have two kids who are doing great things out in the world. We live in the city in Louisville, Kentucky. We have been mindful about the home we live in. It is a small and simple house on a small lot lending itself to sustainability by requiring fewer resources. The neighborhood we choose to live in is older, and extremely walkable with just about everything we need a short walk away. Shops, a drug store, hardware store, liquor store, grocery, many bars and restaurants and much more are just a short walk away from our front door. 

Through the course of our life together we have witnessed our collective disregard for the Earth and the environment we all rely on to sustain us. Climate change has been caused by our generation and the generations that preceded us. We all carry some responsibility for the condition we now find ourselves in, and are all waking up to the idea that a real change in the ways we choose to live will be necessary to address the problems we face. Who better to demonstrate a willingness to live differently, than a couple from the generations who helped put us in our current environmental position. If we can do it, anyone can, and we want to use our videos to inspire others to work with us to find a better path.

We're not perfect in our efforts. There will always be more that we could do, or things we could have done better. We're not environmental zealots. We live pretty balanced lives and take advantage of all the things the modern world has to offer, so please don't judge us. Join us. Use our videos to learn how to live a more sustainable life. Then do it better than us and pass it on. The important thing is to get started. To  make the effort to live differently. Make those efforts habits and do these things for the long haul. 

Maybe you think it's too late to save the planet. But, as George Carlin said, "The Earth is going to be just fine. It's the people who are F#cked." We're trying to change the way we live for the people we live with now, and those who will live long beyond us into the future. The people may have some challenges ahead, but what we do and how we do it matter, and the sooner we all get on a better path the better off we'll all be.

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