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Living simply, solar power, growing food, capturing water, using sustainable and local resources in a very walkable urban neighborhood all contribute to our vision of urban sustainability.

We document our experiment with videos that explain our projects and what we're up to. Follow along to learn what to do, and sometimes what not to do as we all work together to care for the Earth and each other in more sustainable ways.

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We work grow and play on our corner lot in Louisville, Kentucky. We love where we live and would love to share our commitment to changing the way we live to be happier, healthier, and more self sustaining. 

Of course sustainability also means sustaining ourselves financially. We try to do that on site as much as possible too. Our businesses help to finance our efforts to keep things going.




We’re Danny and Sara Galvin, and we’re working on an experiment right here in our own home.


We call it Lucky Farms!


Lucky Farms is an experiment in living in a small house on a small lot in the city while being respectful of the environment, and as self-sustaining as possible in what is a lot like urban homestead where we live and work and grow together.


We don’t have farming backgrounds, we are not ecological zealots, and we don’t really know what we’re doing, we’re a little older, not necessarily wiser, but we’d like to invite you along for the journey as we try to figure it out.


We’re gonna make mistakes and will hopefully have some successes along the way, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you.


We’re gonna to have some fun along the way, we may share a little Kentucky bourbon with you, we’ll infuse some art and mindful living, and we’ll show you some of the people and things we love about living in Louisville, Kentucky.


Welcome to Lucky Farms!



We once visited the site of Ben Franklin's home in Philadelphia, and along with everything else going on in his busy life, much of the income generating work he did happened in cottage businesses on the same small plot of property in the middle of a bustling city where his home was built. Seeing this made an impression.


Years later the Covid-19 pandemic made the idea of moving our businesses to a remote work format a reality. We converted a detached garage into a studio, and housed Content-1 Advertising and Three Fish art studio and gallery out of the space it provided. This was one more step toward sustaining ourselves on our property. Sustainability isn't just about food, water, and power. It is about sustaining ourselves with the financial resources to support our family too. We see these companies as partners to Lucky Farms helping support our mission to share pathways to urban sustainability with others.


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The Three Fish Gallery is an online art gallery featuring fine art paintings, prints and three dimensional art created by Danny Galvin.

High quality fine art should be accessible, affordable and easy to purchase. Three Fish Gallery is working to level the playing field for artists and those who fall in love with the images they produce. We offer original art as well as very affordable high-quality stretched canvas prints of original works to accommodate every art lover's budget.



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